Never reject anybody

Never reject anybody in your life because;

Good person gives us happiness &

Bad person gives us experience.

Both are essential for life :)

Two secrets to keep relationships Strong

Two secrets to keep relationships stronger.

1. Whenever you are wrong – Admit it.

2. Whenever you are right – Just keep quiet.

Zindagi me kabhi halaat k sath samjhota karna paray

Zindagi me kabhi halaat k sath samjhota karna paray to ghabrana mat, kyon k

Jhukta wahi hai jis me jaan hoti hai, akarna to murday ki pehchaan hai.

Hazrat Ali (Rehmat-ullah Alaeh)

Your happiness is hidden inside you

A Man Asked A Sculptorist:

“How Do You Make Such Beautiful Idols From Stone?”

He Replied:

“Idols & Images Are Already Hidden There… I Remove Unwanted Stone 0nly..!”

Moral: Your HAPPINESS Is HIDDEN inside You, Just Remove Your W0RRIES!

Trouble will disappear from the world

A lot of trouble in the world will disappear,

If everyone learn to talk to each,

Instead of talking about each other…!!!

Why Do Your Females Cover Up Their Body & Hair?

A Christian Guy Asked a Muslim Guy: Why Do Your Females Cover Up Their Body & Hair?

The Muslim Guy Smiled & Took Out 2 Sweets, He Opened One & Kept The Other One Wrapped.

He Threw Them Both On The Dusty Floor & Asked The Christian:

Now If I Ask You To Take One Of These Sweets, Which One Will You Choose?

The Christian Replied: The Covered one.

The Muslim Guy Said: That’s How We See & Respect Our Women.

Comparison of mechanic & heart surgeon

A mechanic ws removing the engine parts from a motorcycle, when he saw a famous heart surgeon in his shop he called the surgeon & said,

“Look at this engine, I opened its heart, took the valves out, repaired & put them back. So why do I get such a small salary & you get huge sum?”

The doctor smiled and came close to his ear and said,


10 Marvellous Quotations

10 Marvellous Quotations

1. I am a great believer in luck, and i find that the harder i work, the more i have of it!
2. Whenever you fall, pick something up!
3. No one can climb the ladder of success, with both hands in the pocket!
4. I am a slow walker but i never walked back!
5. Tough times never last, but tough people do!
6. A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins!
7. Not failure, but low aim is a crime!
8. Your aspirations are your possibilities!
9. The highest result of education is tolerence!
10. Control your destiny or somebody else will…

Loved One

Even FAILURE looks beautiful when you have a LOVED ONE to support you.

And SUCCESS hurts when you don’t have a LOVED ONE to wish you.

Make every moment count

Life has No Pause Buttons!

Dreams have no Expiry date!

Time has no Holiday!

So Make every Moment count in life.

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