You always make me happy

I see the best of me inside your eyes.

You make me smile.

You make me dance like a fool.

You always make me happy !

Walking alone

Walking alone is not very difficult …
but it is hard when you are coming back alone
after a long time of walking, talking and laughing with someone!


Take me as I am

If they are stupid enough to try change you!,
well, be smart enough to walk away.
Take me as I am, or watch me as I go.
You choice!!

My greatest memory

My happiest time, meeting you
My greatest memory, your SMSs!
My biggest sadness, the distance!
My strongest hope, seeing you soon!
My heart’s prayer, Our relation continue 4ever…!

My heart is for sale

My heart is for sale
It is used but still functioning fine
Sold it once but returned broken!
%100 discount and free service lifetime!
If you buy it Please take care of it
The cost is only a true love, that is it!!

Innocent question

Dear my life,,,
When I asked ( Can my day get any worse! )
That was a rather innocent question, not meant to be a challenge!!

Kisi per trust karo to aisay karo

Kisi per trust karo to us bachay ki tarah jis ko ap hawa me uchalo to wo darta nahi,

Kyon k wo janta hai k nechay
Kamran Akmal nahi hai :)

Never reject anybody

Never reject anybody in your life because;

Good person gives us happiness &

Bad person gives us experience.

Both are essential for life :)

Friends are like fishes

Friends are like fishes.. you have to sit patiently for a long time to catch a good one.

Just like I caught you!

So better stay nice otherwise… I will FRY you :P

Sheeshay ki warranty

Pathan: Is sheeshay ki kia warranty hai?

Dukandar: Ap is ko 100 manzil se nechay girao ye sheesha 99 manzil tak nahi tootay ga.

Pathan: Pack kar do…!!!

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